Angell Thompson

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering....

....'the science and art of designing and building, with economy and elegance, buildings, bridges, frameworks and other structures so that they can safely resist the forces to which they may be subjected.'

We have an experienced design team led by director Steve Pearson and associate director Nick Barber, supported by a team of technicians.

The Practice has been responsible for the design and detailing of a wide range of structures utilising reinforced concrete, steel, timber and masonry.

We specialise in the construction, alteration, extensions and refurbishment of domestic and commercial properties.

Past projects include domestic designs, schools, hospitals, blocks of flats, offices, factory and warehouse design.

We are able to provide professional advice on building construction from all eras, from listed buildings to state-of-the-art construction.

Our design team use the latest technology through all stages of building development from design to drawing and detailing.

We offer specialised advice in the diagnosis, repair and reinstatement of concrete structures where they have suffered damage as a result of chemical attack, ASR and corrosion of steel reinforcement.

We pride ourselves in producing clear, practical and economic designs for a full range of structures.