Angell Thompson

Building Surveying

Are you considering a property purchase? For most individuals, buying a property represents the single biggest investment they will ever make. You will look round your property and envisage it as your home. Your mortgage lenders will look round your property, to satisfy themselves of its value. It is an important time to ensure your property is also scrutinised through impartial, critical eyes, with the expertise to spot existing and potential flaws.

Left to their own devices properties deteriorate and decay. Property owners are sometimes reactive (managing the crisis when it occurs) and sometimes pro-active (keeping their properties in a good state of repair by identifying potential problems before they develop). We can help in both cases.

You may be investing in a portfolio of properties for rental income, investing in a home for yourself or your family, or investing in changes and alterations. With our wide-ranging experience in residential and commercial property we can provide the professional advice you need on all aspects relating to the purchase and subsequent maintenance of your property.

Our Comprehensive range of Services includes:

  • Professional advice on building construction, repair, maintenance, alteration and extension
  • Planning and building regulation applications
  • Pre-purchase advice including full Building Surveys and Homebuyer's Reports
  • Inspection and reporting on specific defects
  • Subsidence Damage insurance claims
  • General building insurance claims including storm, fire, flood, burst pipe and impact damage
  • Specification and scheduling of extension, alteration and repair works
  • Contract administration
  • Expert witness reports
  • Schedules of condition
  • Specialist reporting on matters arising from property legislation
  • Party Wall Matters
  • Boundary disputes
  • Property-related health and safety (CDM Regulations)
  • Schedules of Dilapidations
  • Planned Maintenance Schedules
  • Project Management

Our director Steve Burbridge, a Chartered Building Surveyor, and his team of in-house surveyors, engineers, technicians and draughtsmen are able to provide a fast, efficient, professional and friendly service tailored to your specific requirements.